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bannster.net is a non-profit kontent-xchange network produced and quality-controlled by ubermorgen and micromusic :::

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bannster.net distributes high-quality site-kontent and messages in standardized kontainers called "bannsters" [:: 468x60, 90x90, 30x90, 180x180, current file-formats: gif/gif-anim/jpg, html/dhtml, flash ::].

these bannsters function as kontent-channels. bannster.net delivers alternative kontent to your web-site and it offers you a channel to spread your own kontent and messages to quality-users.

additionally, not only single bannsters but whole bannster-sites can be hosted on your web-site:: [real fresh juicy dynamic content, exclusive for bannster.net members!]

our network can increase the quality of the particpating sites and will accelerate user-sharing and traffic between the bannster-network-sites.

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